about Pierre Paulin

PIERRE PAULIN (1927 – 2009)

Pierre Paulin was born in Paris on July 9, 1927. Pierre Paulin is considered to be one of the most important French designers. For example he redesigned the interior décor of the Elysée Palace – the dominant feature here were bright, colorful, round armchairs covered in fabric.  

Pierre Paulin designed the furnishing of the Louvre in Paris and furnished the apartments and offices of several French presidents. Paulin’s furniture designs are dominated by round, organic forms and bright glaring colors.

Since 1958 Pierre Paulin has been working together with the Dutch manufacturer Artifort.

Today Pierre Paulin re-editions are also available from ligne roset: For example the in 1955 designed lounger ARCHI or the unqiue PUMPKIN collection, which was designed for the private collection of former French president Georges Pompidou in the Elysée Palace in 1971. As suggested by its name, soft, organic, round shapes and firm seating comfort all characterize the PUMPKIN collection.

In order to enable the necessary forms for his designs, Pierre Paulin experimented a lot with special materials. He for example up-holstered some of his furniture with fabrics that were originally produced for bathing suits. For Pierre Paulin this was the only way to realize the flowing forms he thought up and wanted to implement.

Pierre Paulin died in Montpellier in the South of France on June 18, 2009.