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about Osvaldo Borsani

OSVALDO BORSANI (1911 - 1985)

Osvaldo Borsani was born in Varedo, close to Milan on August 17, 1911. Like most of his contemporaries Osvaldo Borsani studied architecture at the Polytechnic in Milan. His twin brother Fulgenzio Borsani stayed at his side throughout his whole career. Already back then, the Borsani family had a small furniture factory in Milan where the sons worked to support their parents.

Already in 1933, when Osvaldo Borsani was still a student, he presented “Casa Minima”: a simple table following the rules of Rationalism with curved legs made of steel. Later, in the 1950s, Osvaldo Borsani founded his own company called Tecno and began with the industrial production of his designs.

In 1954 Osvaldo Borsani and his newly formed company ”Tecno“ were present at the Triennial. With the “Butterfly Long Seat D70“ and the ”Lounge Chair P40“ Borsani presented two designs that are still considered as icons of Italian design and are renowned worldwide.

At the end of the 1960s, in 1968, the technocrat Osvaldo Borsani presented the „Graphis Office“; an office system which was designed according to the strict rules of symmetry but nevertheless was highly flexible. The complete system was variable – it could be used as a meeting room, a reception area, a lounge or an office. With this design by Osvaldo Borsani the cornerstone of the worldwide success of system furniture in offices was laid.

Osvaldo Borsani died on April 16, 1985.