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about Gaetano Pesce

GAETANO PESCE (born 1939)

Gaetano Pesce , was born in La Spezia, Italy in 1939. To the question what he was afraid of in the future Gaetano Pesce once answered in an interview: “I am not afraid. In these days we are at the same point as Europe was in the 15th century when we discovered America and a big wave of emigration followed. Today we are facing the same situation: If life on this planet is not possible anymore, then let us just move to another one!”  

This lightheartedness is also reflected in Gaetano Pesce´s works: he was more an artist than a designer and therefore Gaetano Pesce created pieces of furniture which speak for themselves. Lighthearted forms which are not subjected to any constraints. Many different colors combined with unique forms; the practical use is often of secondary importance.

Gaetano Pesce´s first great success was the „Up-Series“ which Pesce designed for B&B Italia. The furniture designs of this series are made of polyurethane foam. They are delivered flatly pressed together in cardboard boxes. The designs only obtain their final form after being unpacked, when the foam is filled with air and is “inflated” to its final form.

The chance nature of the materials was always very important for Gaetano Pesce: every piece of furniture made by Pesce should be a unique example. So in 1975/1976, Gaetano Pesce designed the chair “Sit down“ and in this series every single chair is different.

Since 1980 Gaetano Pesce has been living in New York now. He worked as a visiting professor at the Cooper Union Institute in New York and at the Institut d’Architecture et d’Etudes Urbaines in Strasbourg. Today, some of Gaetano Pesce´s designs are displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and at the Victoria Albert Museum.