about Frank Lloyd Wright

FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT (1867 - 1959)

Frank Lloyd Wright was born in Richland Center, Wisconsin, USA on June 8, 1867. Wrights mother was actually always sure that little Frank Lloyd would be a great architect later on. Long before he designed the Guggenheim Museum, she let little Wright play with three-dimensional forms and building blocks. As a teacher Frank Lloyd Wright’s mother was a great fan of Friedrich Fröbel’s “kindergarten gifts”: balls, cylinders and cubes which are still seen as the pedagogical basic forms.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s father was a musician and a preacher and therefore he was not really enthusiastic about simple building blocks. So he taught his son early on that we cannot only listen to music, but that music should be seen as a “building of sound”.

At the age of 20 Frank Lloyd Wright set off in order to dedicate his time to the quest for architecture. He found it in Chicago; in the works of Adler and Sullivan.

Some years later, in 1893, Frank Lloyd Wright opened his first own studio. With completely new forms and concepts he drew attention to himself around the turn of the century. From 1893 to 1909 Frank Lloyd Wright used completely new techniques and materials for his projects around Chicago: support structures made of steel, ferro-concrete and glass. In the “Larkin Building” and the “Unity Temple” Wright’s art is displayed to the full: architectural masterpieces from the outside and quality inside are combined perfectly here.  

The more assignments Frank Lloyd Wright got, the more his creative genius developed: in that way an almost inexhaustible variety of forms, ideas for rooms and concepts have evolved over the years. For example the famous Fallingwater House, the Johnson Wax building and of course the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Frank Lloyd Wright entrusted a group of architects with the task of spreading his philosophy of the organic architecture. So today, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is still the guardian and the representative of the works and principles of this outstanding genius and master architect.