about Eero Aarnio

EERO AARNIO (born 1932)

Eero Aarino was born in Helsinki on July 21, 1932. In the 1960s Aarino was one of the design pioneers in the field of plastic furniture. And just on the side Eero Aarnio gave us some of the most beautiful and most exciting science fiction and James Bond scenes of the last years: There is hardly any early Bond film without at least one blond girl lolling around in Aarnios ”Bubble” or sipping on a cool drink in the “Ball Chair”.  

From 1954 to 1957 Eero Aarnio studied industrial design at the Institute of Industrial Arts in Helsinki. Aarnio’s first designs were still mainly made of natural materials like wicker. It was only in the 1960s that Eero Aarnio began to experiment with his favourite materials: plastic and fibreglass.  

In 1962 Eero Aarnio opened his own design studio in Helsinki. Aarnio worked as an interior designer, graphic designer, designer and photographer. In 1965 he produced his first groundbreaking design – “the Ball Chair”. This chair consisted of a fibreglass bubble cut open on one side. Not only was that a technical masterpiece at that time, but also the design was so modern and advanced that the Ball Chair quickly achieved world fame. A little later Eero Aarnio presented the similar ”Bubble Chair“. It has the same basic form as the Ball Chair but was mounted free-hanging on the ceiling.

Although Eero Aarino was regarded as one of the absolutely innovative and ground-breaking representatives of the so-called Pop-Design in the 1960s, he disapproved of the newly evolved, short-lived throwaway society of that time. Completely committed to the Scandinavian ideals of quality and durability, Eero Aarnio pushed the limits of the then still new material plastic as far as possible. In that way Aarnio always managed to design and produce long-lived pieces of furniture and at the same time was still able to enthral with new forms and ideas all the time.
Some years ago Eero Aarnio told the magazine “Spiegel” in an interview: ”At home I have a drawer and every morning I open this drawer and then I find an idea in there.”
We hope it will stay like that for many years.

Eero Aarnio still lives in Finland.