about David Hicks

DAVID HICKS (1929 - 1998)

David Hicks was born in Essex, England in March 1929. Hicks grew up in a very wealthy family. David Hicks´ mother always supported her son and helped him to realize all possible and impossible fantasies - for example drawing, painting or playing at a theatre. The young David Hicks grew up in a world full of glamour.

In 1960 David Hicks lived through his probably biggest decline which, at the same time, was his breakthrough: Hicks married Lady Pamela Mountbatten, the daughter of the Earl of Mountbatten. From that moment on David Hicks had reached the top circles of the British Society.

However, in his teenage years, David Hicks had to cope with a decisive event: the deaths of his father and his older brother abruptly ended the idyllic life and almost brought about the ruin of the Hicks family. They had to sell large parts of their properties and had to leave the family residence.

Later David Hicks studied art and design at the „Central School“ in London and began his career with the furnishings of his own house in 1954 and in that way caused quite a worldwide stir.

As he was now the uncle of Prince Charles, many of his critics were of the opinion that David Hicks´ design career was over. Many assumed that David Hicks would subordinate himself to the duties of the Royal Family and would be responsible for their charity projects in the future.   

But David Hicks did not want to give up: in the following years he designed many apartments for different magazines – without payment. He also worked as a consultant for some design manufacturers. Soon the first customers came back and directly addressed David Hicks in order to get their residences designed by him everywhere in the world.

After David Hicks was back in business, he designed various big projects in the 1960s and 1970s. The interior furnishings of Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace, the yacht of King Fahd or the presidential palace of the president of Ghana are only some examples.  

David Hicks died in England at the age of 69.