about Charlotte Perriand


Charlotte Perriand was born in Paris on October 24, 1903. Perriand studied interior design at the “Union centrale des arts décoratifs” in Paris. Henri Rapin was Charlotte Perriand’s master. Perriands first design in 1927 was an immediate success and gained the approval of many critics: it was “the bar under the roof” presented at the “Salon d´Automne” made completely of nickel-plated copper and anodized aluminium.

In the same year, at the age of only 24, Charlotte Perriand started to work at the Parisian studio 35, rue de Sèvres. She worked there for ten years together with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret.

At this studio Charlotte Perriand developed the so-called “machine age“ design with pieces made of aluminium, glass and steel. But Charlotte Perriand always also experimented with traditional materials and forms which she knew from her childhood, from furniture of the Savoie. Over the years Charlotte Perriand turned into the co-creator of Le Corbusier´s intended “renewal project”. And it was Charlotte Perriand who gave the rationalism, which was typical for Le Corbusier, a completely new and human dimension during the ten years of their cooperation.

During the Second World War Charlotte Perriand lived in Japan and experimented a lot with traditional bamboo furniture. In her own unique way Perriand managed to combine centuries-old production methods with the design of the steel tube furniture that was really hip in the West at that time.

Charlotte Perriand never saw herself as an interior designer, although Perriand was one of the only women who stood their ground in this sector of industry which was normally dominated by men back then. Despite her successes, the utility of her designs was always the dominating and most important feature: Perriand designed furniture that was intended to stand in every normal living room someday.

Today Charlotte Perriand belongs to the most successful designers of her times.

Charlotte Perriand died at the age of 96 in Paris in 1999.