about Arne Jacobsen

ARNE EMIL JACOBSEN (1902 – 1971)

Arne Emil Jacobsen was born in Copenhagen on February 11, 1902. Today Jacobsen is still said to be the internationally most important Danish Designer of the 20th century.

Arne Jacobsen started his career as a stonemason. Then in 1924, at the age of 22, he began to study architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Arts. In 1927 he graduated and then worked for the city’s planning authority – a fairly unspectacular job. Fortunately for all design and architecture enthusiasts Arne Emil Jacobsen left the planning authority in 1929 and together with Flemming Lassen designed the „House of the Future“: a round building with a helipad. By the way, in 1929, the longest helicopter flight was exactly 736 meters long and the maximum height lay at 180 meters. For the “House of the Future” Arne Jacobsen also designed some furniture for the interior decorations – the first design works by Arne Emil Jacobsen.

In 1956 he started his up to then biggest project - the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The city´s first skyscraper is a 100% Jacobsen: The building, the textiles, even the cutlery was designed by Jacobsen himself. Many of his famous furniture designs like “Egg” or “Swan” originated during this project which was finished in 1960.

His simple, plain and functional architecture is influenced by Le Corbusier and Bauhaus, but it always also reflects the perfectionism of Arne Jacobsen: he was considered to be a workaholic who designed furniture to recover from the stress of architecture.

In contrast to his architecture which is dominated by edges, corners, geometry and a clear design vocabulary, Jacobsen’s furniture and design projects follow round, curved and organic forms. He was a passionate gardener and so Jacobsen’s close relationship to nature left its mark here. Arne Jacobsen’s most famous designs are still his seating furniture like “Ant“, “Egg“, “Swan“ or the well-known “Series 7“, which is still the best-selling chair of all times. The design “AJ” also achieved worldwide fame: this cutlery series was used in Stanley Kubrick’s  “2001: A Space Odyssey“.

Arne Jacobsen died in his hometown Copenhagen on March 24, 1971.