about Angelo Mangiarotti


Angelo Mangiarotti was born in Milan on February 26, 1921. From 1945 to 1948 Mangiarotti studied architecture at the Polytechnic in Milan, and some years later, in 1953 and 1954 he became a guest lecturer at the Institute of Technology in Illinois, Chicago where he met Frank Lloyd Wright, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Walter Gropius.

The impressions Angelo Mangiarotti gained in the United States had an impact on his later works and designs. In 1955, after his return from the US to Milan, he opened his first design studio together with Bruno Morassutti. In the beginning he mainly designed stackable tables and shelves and worked as a consultant for different companies.

It was only in 1960 that Angelo Mangiarotti opened his own studio: the world-famous series of table clocks called “Section” was one of the first designs he produced there. In 1966/67 he designed the not less famous lamps “Lesbo” and “Saffo” for Artemide. The lamp shades made of Murano glass have an organic mushroom-like form.  

The artistic and technical skills of the Murano glass blowers impressed Angelo Mangiarotti a lot: so in the late 1960s he designed further pieces made of quite complex and costly glass elements. Amongst others a series of lamps called “Giogali” and a curtain which is used as a room divider. Both designs consist of interconnected glass rings which produce unique light effects and a very special atmosphere.

Many fascinating designs made of glass and marble followed. Angelo Mangiarotti designed some of them for example for Knoll International. The famous table series “Eros” is typical for his sensual, aesthetic but at the same time rational designs. The table surfaces of the Eros series are made of marble and they show precisely grinded holes that are exactly tailored to the legs of the tables in a way that no further fixing is needed.  

As an architect Angelo Mangiarotti for example designed the church „Mater Misericordiae“ which was built in Milan in 1957. Almost all of Mangiarotti´s architectural designs are built in the International Style and from time to time he also used concrete prefabricated components.

All his life Angelo Mangiarotti worked as a lecturer at different Institutes and Universities. To this day he lives in Italy and manages the “Mangiarotti & Associates” studio in Tokyo. So far Angelo Mangiarotti has received many awards and prizes and is still considered to be one of the most influential Italian designers.