What’s behind edition20?

edition20 offers all those interested in design an online research platform for 20th-century design classics. Unlike regular reference works, edition20 covers exclusively design classics that are still being produced around the world under the original licence.

edition20 seeks to make all authorized, licensed manufacturers accessible to the public by curating and listing them on one platform. edition20 hopes to bring design aficionados and manufacturers together, whereby the extensive keywording of the items displayed is intended to guide researchers more effectively through the fascinating but often somewhat expansive topic.

The data available on edition20 took more than 10 years of constant research to assemble, necessitating extensive  travel and innumerable discussions and visits to fairs and auctions in order to develop a comprehensive overview of design classics still in production.


today represents a network of experts drawn from the most varied fields of modern 20th-century design. Specialist writers, private collectors and premium vendors collaborate to provide constant updates of and additions to its design classics database.

edition20 should not be seen as a partner only of manufacturers or final consumers but also of specialist traders, enabling listed manufacturers to link onto their suppliers or provide regionally-defined dealer location services.

edition20’s founder, Robert Stephan, spent many years heading operations in various media houses and internet start-ups. Together with his wife, the private collector ran the gallery eileen – boutique for eclectic living culture in Munich, also working as an interior designer and design consultant.

edition20 is driven primarily by a passion for the finest design.